With the purchase of a window cleaning, house washing, roof washing or Christmas lights installation companion service. Offer valid only until the gutter cleaning schedule is full.

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You can select your companion service at booking, as well as date & time of cleaning.

You can select your companion service at booking, as well as date & time of cleaning.

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This is not a bait & switch either. Please hear us out.

Is a Dirty, Dangerous, Tedious Job

Gutter cleaning is a dirty, disgusting task that no one likes to do. Climbing the ladder to clean your gutters is daunting, time consuming, and dangerous.

We are currently conducting a market study in the home services sector. The opportunity here is simple, you help us, we help you.

Outside of the risk, and hassle of DIY gutter cleaning, the hard costs are what most home owners focus on. The alternative to cleaning yourself is to hire a professional gutter cleaner which can cost over $200 on average for a two story home.

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Get a FREE gutter cleaning no strings attached.

If you select one of the companion services below we will throw in a FREE Gutter Cleaning. We know we said there was no more FREE lunches but that doesn't mean we have any strings attached to this offer!
Window Washing
Window Washing

We are window washing professionals, and we will leave your house with a streak free clean window, and that includes, the inside, the outside, screens, and sills. We clean windows all winter. Book this service now.

House Washing
House Washing

We use the latest soft washing techniques that prevent damage to your house’s siding. We know how to handle, moss, algae, lichens, mold and mildew. Your house will shine so bright you will have to wear shades. Book this service now.

Roof Washing
Roof Washing

Did you know allowing that stuff to grow on your roof can cut the life expectancy in ½? We use the only ARMA approved washing technique and we guarantee the results for 3 years. Book this service now.

Christmas Light Installation
Christmas Light Installation

Maybe you have always wanted a grand display, maybe you are too busy, or maybe you are tired of all the work it takes to design, shop for, put up, and remove Holiday Lights. Let us provide you with your dream display without all the struggle. Book this service now.


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We really do great work! The FREE Gutter Cleaning is only icing on the cake!

Companion Service 1 - Window Washing

Companion Service 2 - House Washing

Companion Service 3 - Roof Washing

Companion Service 4 - Christmas Light Installation

What have you got to lose? Our customers love our services even with out FREE Gutter Cleaning!

Companies are always looking for new and interesting ways to introduce themselves to new customers. We are hoping that the results we have produced will stand on their own merits, however as a RISK FREE way of getting to know each other we hope you will take advantage of this offer and give us a try.

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To maintain your gutters, you will have to risk your safety by climbing the ladder time and time again. An unstable ladder and loss of balance can result in devastating consequences. By taking advantage of our FREE Gutter Cleaning Promotion your safety will be 100% guaranteed.






10 Ft.

10 Ft.

Average Fall

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Do You Have A Garden Growing In Your Gutters

Most homeowners don’t think about cleaning their gutters until the gutter system stops working or is showing signs of failure. Fact is, un-cleaned gutters may be causing more damage than you think.


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Excellent, efficient, licensed & nice.


The Bubbly Sponge is wonderful to work with. They do a fantastic job on whatever you've hired them for: windows, brick cleaning, house washing, etc. On top of all that, their prices are reasonable. I couldn't recommend them more highly.


We were extremely happy with the bubbly sponge. They cleaned all 45 of our windows inside and out for a very reasonable price. That even included a gutter cleaning for free. They were very professional and did a beautiful job. I would recommend them to anyone.


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